Rivers Edge RV Park response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Nature has all the essential elements to boost our happiness and immune systems with the fresh air and open spaces.

Not only does the outdoors support mental and physical strength, it’s open space is a great escape from potential airborne and surface droplet infections from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Once outdoors, social distancing naturally occurs whether you’re fishing, walking or sitting around a fire pit, giving everyone added piece of mind.

Please rest assured that we are making additional efforts every day to keep our restrooms and cabins clean and disinfected, anticipating the concerns of our patrons.

The most likely risk of contracting, or spreading the virus will be during possible pit stops at grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations.

Take accountability and avoid making too many stops during your trip to Rivers Edge RV Park by packing up all of your necessary food and gear prior to leaving home.

In other words, plan on staying here, once you get here. Oh, and don’t forget your fishing pole!!